Monday, October 4, 2010

Se habla espanglish

Just a quick gracias to Marisa Treviño +the Latina Lista site.
"What do you get when you have a Latina
who seeks adventure by bike?
The newest blogBeat Partner.
Check out Bikes and The City…"
Check it out here: LatinaLista


  1. That's great - congrats on being featured! I was wondering if any of the publication would be in Spanish before looking at it - I'm currently taking Spanish lessons and sometimes think I'm never going to get it! I'm sure it wouldn't be so difficult if I were around Spanish speakers every single day, but it seems as if I may never be able to actually have a conversation in Spanish! Any helpful hints?? :)

  2. Hola Traci
    Well I'm sure there are community groups or latino events maybe(?) in Atlanta, you can look at that site I think is called for activities
    good luck in your language lessons and keep me posted!! =)

  3. Hola Meli,
    Buenos dias! Gracias for the suggestion of meetup - that is a good idea! There are definitely plenty of Latino events around Atlanta, so I need to just get over my fear of speaking - the Spanish teacher has drilled into us the importance of pronunciation and being grammatically correct and now I'm scared to say something wrong! :) Spanish is also such a fast language when spoken that it's difficult to follow along - I'm sure it has to eventually get easier though! Chau!

  4. felicidades meli! latina's need more shout outs in las noticias.

  5. traci/ dont let 'bad' pronounciation stop you!! --- people will appreciate your efforts, trust me. just dont let your teacher know I told you ;-)

    sac CC + city girl/ gracias lindas! :D


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