Wednesday, September 2, 2015

drink coffee read good books × borges, cafe st jorge.

y no laptops on the weekends ♥ this spot ×
× cafe st jorge, mission street near cortland, august 2nd 2015.

coffee y fotos, cafe st jorge.
jorge luis borges, y books.

It’s possible that a book won’t attract any attention when it’s published; it may be discovered afterward. On the other hand, in the case of a film (and this makes everything more dramatic; the same thing happens, let’s say, with the dancer’s or performer’s art), the failure or success has to be immediate... I think the circumstance of a hall filled with people in itself creates a special atmosphere.
– seen via brainpicker.

this sunday treat, lucky me. <3
× mágico.

snail mail alert: postcard project in VA, see details below to participate ×

Received this from Julie, sounds like a cool project:

I am Julie Pennini form Big Planet, Small World...lover of bikes, travel and city living. I am hosting an International exhibition in my city of Richmond, USA during The Road World Cycling Championships. I was hoping you might share the simple concept of connecting cultures with your fans. Here are more details and some promo.

× M.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

cubs pitcher jake arrieta loves bikes

chicago cubs pitcher arrieta and his bike ride rituals, include going for a 10-20 mile ride often times.
just heard the announcers on espn talk about this and he sounds like –and after looking at his twitter– looks like he is an outdoorsy enthusiast, taking his folding bike with him everywhere. very cool!

found a few of his tweets [in case the twitter embedded doesn't show on your monitor/device - here is one with his xtracycle and another]

any cubs fans out there? i only know one cubs fan, one of mi fave dudes currently out in the sunshine state.
for further short-reading, here is an article from redeyechicago: Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta never leaves home without his … bike.

lazy sunday afternoon watching sunday nite béisbol. the oakalnd a's finally win in exta innings and interleague game in arizona. now, watching briefly a national league game, chicago cubs at los angeles dodgers game as it is nice to see live jessica mendoza -- The first woman to call a Major League Baseball game for ESPN in action, she is great :)

anyway, have a great rest of your sunday.
× M.