Friday, May 22, 2015

already ready for the 3-day weekend

gwsf 10th anniv

hello friends of the internets.
looking forward to a memorial day weekend of pizza, cafecito, the dubs (nba: golden state warriors for mi fellow non-sports readers) and some beisbol.
books, couch, cat, more coffee and mi mom. it will be mellow great.

last week a flickr group celebrated its 10th anniversary. we gathered at the irish bank which I hadn't been since a few weeks after turning 21. pretty cool to see long-time flickr friends and all.

that same evening and way before midnight, I took a walk up to north beach and it was very quiet at some corners, and then very lively at the next. every time.
night walk to city lights

then walked into city lights to finally get my copy of Rad Women A-Z published by city lights themselves.

have a great weekend.

Friday, May 1, 2015


Some evenings is good to order the spicy number
Drink the jasmine tea
Chat over chopsticks
and share the peanut sauce

and a tsing tao, please.

Some dinners come with a little cookie
some lucky numbers
and some few fortune words

mi drawing today (trippy leaf), and a yummy watercolor salad by Lydia y texture monster by Tom.

Some workday lunches
in the courtyard
we bring our art boxes
and we draw our pals

wednesdays de homebrews, mi fave lunch hour ;)

Some workday mornings
that dark haired woman appears
in a small place called a cube
with a little spark of a cheer

LUCKY ME: one of mi art directors/y biggest giants fan, got mi this cute beanie by crochet4schools. QUÉ AWESOME <3

*beanie, gifted by my dark haired woman art director, she bought from crochet4scolars. lucky me, what a beautiful little surpise :)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

For Celeste.

I have some very sad news to share.

I am still processing the loss of a friend's girlfriend. It was a freak, fucked up accident and it has taken her life. The hit-and run by a stolen car on a Saturday early afternoon in Oakland that took the life of artist Celeste while she was walking to her studio were devastating shocking news.

There are no words. Writing and sharing with others has helped a little bit heal in various ways in the past. It is a continuing work in progress.

Below is a picture of Celeste I took about year 1/2 ago when we celebrated Brian's birthday at the ballpark.
I will always remember her awesome smiles, beautiful presence, kindness and that sincere and light air to herself that was contagious. A very peaceful approach to everything.
RIP Celeste.
She was a fellow CCA [Formerly CCAC when we attended] student, and we took a class together many years ago. She had become an established, awesome jewelry designer.
Our thoughts and our support are with Brian during difficult time.

I'd like to think I chose to remain an optimist and cherish in absolute bliss moments in the present surrounded by nature and family, and friends.
Sometimes life makes it very difficult to do so, but the sun will come up again tomorrow.
Here we are, trying. Observing.

Life is brutal, and precious. and a mysterious ride.

× | SFChronicle: Artist killed in Oakland hit-run remembered as 'beautiful soul’

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Author talk: Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon w/ Carrie Brownstein at the JCCSF.

This past Wednesday, alongside lots of women, I attended an author talk: Girl in a Band by Kim Gordon w/ Carrie Brownstein at the Jewish Community Center here in San Francisco. I am such a space cadet for buying tickets and forgetting, only to remember once they sell out, that I made the effort to get them last November.

mi drawing: author talk × girl in a band by Kim Gordon. JCCSF w/ Carrie Brownstein

I sketched them both, it was a bit too dark so I didn't want to force my eyes too much, but did capture somewhat a few lines and quotes. Kim's energy is just like her art and music - short words, direct description and that punk attitude of well, and so what, that carries through no matter the stage of life. She is 61 and I can't wait to finish the book soon.

mi drawing: author talk × girl in a band by Kim Gordon. JCCSF w/ Carrie Brownstein
Her glittery boots, such rock star. you can see her wearing them here: LINK

Carrie Brownstein was a great mix of fun and sharp humor in interviewing her, their camaraderie they have is palpable. They both had matching red lipstick. Too cool.

The JCC is great for lectures, the tickets are by row and number and all is pretty organized. Before the lecture started, they played a slideshow of upcoming events but was glad to snap this one right spot-on before the lecture started:
Carrie Brownstein interviews Kim Gordon, book talk 'Girl in a band' at the JCC.

They sad no pictures, but I'm sure many of us did quietly. I took just a quick sneaky one without raising my phone and its annoying glare for people behind you to see. Not bad for taken from the belly, but needed a quick reference point to finish my drawing later that evening. Guilty.
Carrie Brownstein interviews Kim Gordon, book talk 'Girl in a band' at the JCC.

Green Apples had a pop-up booth in which they sold her book, then the author signing happen next to it. After the lecture I had to use the ladies room, and because this place was filled with rad women, one guided the last ones in the long line, to the additional stalls in the second floor. Nice view!
Carrie Brownstein interviews Kim Gordon, book talk 'Girl in a band' at the JCC.

YEAH. off to a great #WorldBookDay :)

YEAH. off to a great #WorldBookDay :)

Outside this cool 90's specialized bike made me smile.
cool 90's specialized :) outside the JCC earlier today.

The JCC is at Presidio and California. The event's video will probably be up-loaded later this month, but you can check out past lecture videos and information

× M.

Monday, February 2, 2015

An evening with Armistead Maupin, at Kepler's Books and Magazines in Menlo Park.

From last nite: beautiful you, Armistead Maupin thank YOU♥

Last week Diana and I attended Armistead Maupin's talk at Kepler's Books and Magazines down in Menlo Park.

If you are familiar with his work and narrative style, Armistead is just as effervescent as he is in print (and characters!) with rather timeless and fun engagement to anyone listening. Diana and I were some of the youngest in the audience of enthusiastic readers from all walks of life.

At the end of the author talk, we lined up to get his book signed the last Tales of the City installment “The Days of Anna Madrigal” I asked him if he'd be so kind to also sign the sketch I've done of him through the lecture, he LOVED it — I was over the moon.

He looked through back entries of my journal, and said, “Oh maybe I shouldn't” I, being equally curious completely understand. I quickly said “Oh, no” wanting to say “Oh, no problem” I was just so excited to meet him :)

The author talk was alongside NYT columnist and SF resident Scott James and their conversation was easy to hear and follow. I hadn't been to Kepler's in ages and didn't know their new management had such a great author series. Worth a quick trip down to Menlo Park, a Caltrain ride away (They are right next to the Menlo Park stop).
On our way out, Diana and I met the manager of Kepler's and he asked how our evening was. It was so well organized, I was so impressed and pleased. We'll definitely be back!

I've briefly mentioned Maupin before on this blog, and I began reading his material in my 20s. I started re-reading him in my 30s and, as most things in life, it made so much more sense.

It was a complete delight to finally meet Mr. Maupin, and listen to him read us a sneak peek of his memoir, was just so touching. Thank you.

× Some pictures from the event:
Armistead Maupin at kepler's books.
Armistead Maupin at kepler's books.
Armistead Maupin at kepler's books.
Armistead Maupin at kepler's books.
Armistead Maupin at kepler's books.
Arrived a bit early. There were approx 250 of us in the audience, seated comfortably!
Armistead Maupin at kepler's books.

Here is Maupin from where I sat, alongside Scott James, while I sketched.
maupin at kepler's

Thanks Diana for coming along :)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Unione Sportiva Lucca (1972)

Spotted: sweet poster in Marin earlier today of the (1972) Unione Sportiva Lucca, the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

sweet poster in Marin earlier today: (1972) Unione Sportiva Lucca =] ma che carino

Sunday, January 11, 2015

half moon bay

sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥

Half Moon Bay today was in its perfect mix of foggy/sunny splendor. Through 2014, I found myself making a point to draw more. [You can see a set of snapshots here LINK] Anywhere. I have many of my sketches always handy with me in my daily moleskine, but have found great joy in carrying a larger sketch book to meet-ups and sketch groups.

wonder wall × half moon bay.

Lydia, one of my super cool creative director from work, invited me to join a gathering in Half Moon Bay. It was a gorgeous morning/day to be there!
+ for those of you outside the Bay Area, HMB is approx 30 miles south of the city, and known for the Mavericks surfing contest and the annual pumpkin festival in October :)

Here are some pictures:
fun, natural fun ♥
clear skies en pacifica, home of the best-views taco bell in the world :)
Almost there, these two are quick snap shots from the passenger's window in Pacifica.
If you haven't been to the best taco bell in the world aka on the beach in Pacifica, it's a must.

sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay
It was a group of about 12 people and it was sunny at 10am, got a bit foggy then was sunny again after 1pm.
I scoped out the area for a good place to sit and draw, I think I was the only one who didn't bring a portable chair/stool but that was fine, threw my jacket down and found a nice grassy spot near the boats.
sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay
tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥

I took a quick walk around to visit fellow sketchers and their drawings or paintings, here are their set-ups:
tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay
tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥
tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥
tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥
tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥
tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥
tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥

tools y brushes from fellow sketchers × sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥
Afterwards we did a show and tell and ate some lunch at a near by bar & grill.

wonderful morning × half moon bay.
sunday sketch group meeting: half moon bay ♥
half moon bay drawings by me.
half moon bay drawings by me.
These are my two drawings, the ones with the little boats and the paddlers took approx. 2hrs, the one with the boat poles, took about 20 minutes. The pictures of where I was looking at from, are right above them both.

Hope you had a nice weekend.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

twenty XV.

Hi everyone.
Happy new year 2015.

Over the Holidays my mom's dog was a little hurt (neck) for what it seemed to be badly hurting. Luckily it was not severe and we learned that such injury is not uncommon for small/medium doggies. My mom's dog is a mutt, but her spine is prominent from a dachshund background.

While her dog was getting x-rays we had about an hour to wait for, and the nearest open coffee shop was a corner Starbucks. While we waited for a small Americano and my mom's once a year festive-flavored-pumpkin-somethings-super-sugar-latte, I stood next to a bundled-up small lady, likely in her late 80's, wearing a cloche hat and pink lipstick.

She took her hat off and carefully placed it on her walker.
We made eye contact and she smiled.

While the busy establishment seemed to have the capability to spin out of control, the corner where we waited for our hot drinks seemed perfectly still, and perfect to observe the chaotic dance.
I said hi to her, and I told her that I look forward to have hair as beautiful as hers.
She asked if I had long hair at some point.
Realizing that I currently have a pixie cut and a no sign of any white hair –with the exception of a handful– I said,
“Oh, no – hair as white as yours”
She smiled in a happy but slightly confused manner, followed by her soft words of appreciation she let me know that she had never been complimented on by a young person like me about her white hair. She was considering coloring it this week, but maybe not now then – she said, and smiled again.

Our exchange happened more than a few days, but thought it was indicative of setting a good tone in small interactions and opportunities that if we are aware, are moments that present themselves to us.
I hope that perspective continues this year.

Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy year and that if you do something called resolutions, you accomplish or laugh them out next year :)
I am thankful to be alive and proud of my age.
I miss my brother, my father.
Time. Tears. Laughs. Loss. Love. Memories. Food. Family. Friends. Life.
These are the best gifts.

cute foto from the vet's office.

Resuming to work, back to the grind – and more more fotos soon!

Looking forward to continue to share my observations with a light and positive mood in this blog which through the years has been very nice, the everyday things, words, art and photos.
Thanks again for reading, and stopping by from time to time. I really appreciate it.

× Meli

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

From mi eyes and out the window.

A window has observed and absorbed us, observing and absorbing life through it.

× Monday morning, on Burrows /SF.
I really enjoy stopping by this small quiet four barrel in portola once every couple/or few of months — however, I highly dislike that it doesn't have a restroom.

la luna, de coqueta × oh hai moon
The moon.
× moon me, home.
It makes its flirty bright rounds through the neighbors' fire escape. It really feels like someone put a new streetlight back there. Sometimes dogs are also seen, cats, random raccoons, but mostly the moon. Humans, not so much.

w/ wlmhsu ×
× light roast, on Polk street /SF.
The light through Saint Frank's coffee shop on Polk street this past Saturday. The day had been mostly overcast but the sun made an appearance for a bit. It's been great weather lately, I love the rainy days.

w/ wlmhsu :) HBD! ×
× Toast to the thirties, on Polk street /SF.
Mi friend William made it over to the better decade side (30+). We had breakfast with lots of hashbrowns with cheese. This is at Toast on Polk y Sacramento streets. The dish is call Hasbrown Hill or something but I like to call it Big Mountain of hashbrowns w/extra aguacado* (*meliism english: avocado+ spanish: aguacate)

felton, califas.
× Fog and trees /in Felton.
Quick trip to Felton, Ca in the Santa Cruz mountains last weekend. Taken from the passenger window.

SF Grill × 4th anniversary
× Balkan band by the window, on California street /SF.
SF Grill is KT's favorite place, and it is becoming mi fave place to tag along with her. Great staff. They celebrated their 4th anniversary last Saturday night with live Balkan band music. The small place was full of great characters. Everyone drank, talked, ate, hugged, danced all good things. We met new people from all walks of life, corners of the world and careers — our absolute favorite and the life of the party was Tito.
Thanks again KT for inviting me♥

los sharx en los altos cafecito spot :) × for butterbill
× Coffees at the Red Berry Coffee Bar /in Los Altos.
diana <3
Had coffee with the beautiful Diana in downtown Los Altos. Diana knows all the good cozy, local spots through the peninsula like no other. A few laptops around but mostly unpretentious and on the quiet side, this coffee shop had a bunch of beans from around roasters around the Bay. Nice staff too. It was exciting to try San José's Chromatic for the first time. In the words of my mom, the best part about going out for coffee, is the company. 

“life is a full-time job” ×
× After or before the rain /in Palo Alto.
Great windows at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University. Mi first time there, plan to visit sometime again.

gwsf ×
× the bar exam /somewhere in the city.
The morning rush will always be there, often it is a pleasant moment to find things that I haven't seen the hundredth time around.

muchos cooking books :)
× bookstore windows, on Fillmore street /SF.
Documenting bookstore windows is one of my fave things. books are my fave things. food is the best thing. I'm not a cook. There is a Peet's next to this window. That was the best thing at that moment. must repeat frequently, the documenting of bookstore windows. 

cafecito earlier today @snowbirdcoffee new spot en el inner sunset × great coffee, nice staff :)
× Sunset window, on 9th Avenue /SF.
Two Sundays ago went to Snowbird coffee on 9th Avenue (between Judah/Irving) to check it out for the first time with my mom. Somehow her and one of the barista were chatting it up in Spanish sharing their mutual joy of being two-sugar-cubes-in-their-lattes type of people :) 

× The end /SF.

“A habit cannot be tossed out the window; it must be coaxed down the stairs a step at a time.” 
× Mark Twain