Friday, July 11, 2008

Drive Your Bike To Work Day (in May)

Sounds odd, but I know people that compete, go for a billion mile rides around the state and driving gets you there so you can have fun pedaling. This is a site / event I came across, and was not aware that happened, since I don't have a bike rack on a car (could be handy though ie. Lake Tahoe & to visit the sweetest boy in Santa Cruz)

From the 2007 Drive your bike to work day:

Celebrate the joys of bike-driving with your fellow road warriors! Put some miles on that under-used eco-transport! Plus, raise awareness about the hazard that affects bike-lovers everywhere. Low clearance garages.

Most of us know someone who has been hurt by low clearance. Some of us have even experienced it ourselves. Any time you place your bike on the roof of your car, you are putting yourself at risk. It's time we stand up and speak out about this danger, and driving your bike to work helps spread this important message.

I just want to bring my bike to work like I normally do. You know, riding it... without a car?
Your dedication to bicycling is admirable, it really is, but don’t you think it’s time to show solidarity with your fellow commuters? This is a day when we must empathize with bike-drivers. Think about how they must feel, having to be constantly on guard, driving in these hectic streets, forced to swerve wildly around cyclists, worrying about running the bike on their roof into garages…

Please, just take Drive Your Bike To Work Day as a annual reminder that cyclists aren’t the only people using the city streets of San Francisco.

Kathryn Aaker

The purpose is to raise awareness before this happens (from otherthings on Flickr)

such the Marin ride (from squishy on Flickr)

(VIDEO) 8 minutes: A group of concerned San Francisco activists assemble for Drive Your Bike To Work Day; an event honored the memory of bicycles lost in errant bike racks, savaged by the quiet tragedy that is low clearance garages.
filmed by Dream Not Of Today

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