Saturday, July 5, 2008

Today's SF chronicle: Custom Bike Frames

Great story about these three great thinkers and contributers to the bicycle culture and its wonderful science and craft that goes in the making of the bicycle and frame from the ground up (including all bike lovers, engineers, sustainability, the joy and all the good things riding a bicycle brings to your personal experience)

In The San Francisco Chronicle today published a great article about:
1) Craig Calfee (his bamboo designs, custom frame bikes and Ghana travles/programs "It is wonderful to work with natural materials that just grows out of the ground")
2) Mike Ahrens (Ahrens Bicycles, grew up in San Jose riding BMX and dirt bikes)
3) Bernie Mikkelsen (Mikkelsen frames, builts primarly with steel material, "Carbon breaks? Throw it out. A steel bike never dies")

I'm a huge steel frame fan. Read the complete article (includes video media) about these 3 Bay area bike/frame makers at the sfgate link here.

Mike Ahrens ‹Image courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle.›

‹Image courtesy of the San Francisco Chronicle.›
Bernie Mikkelsen in Alameda, has been building bikes for 34 years.
He also suffered a stroke in 2006, and is now back in the shop (with assisted help)
Truly inspiring.

*Get your CURRENTtv on baby!

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