Sunday, August 24, 2008

Brown is the new black.

ON THE STREET with Bill Cunningham
How cute is Bill Cunningham, always right on top of things, fashion things anyways. Before the fab mr.Sartorialist, there was (and still is) Bill Cunningham—Photographer for the NY Times.

Super! and loads of brown-brown-brown
Check this week's NY Times
ON THE STREET Colors of the Changing season›
which I have included because Mr.Cunningham is
oh-so-super cute with that bicycle. And it isn't the first
time he has a bicycle thing going on...

...Previously this year (January 18th) he had a sweet set
ON THE STREET On a Roll› which includes bikes
and fashion in that New York winter weather.

Further ‹short article› about Bill Cunningham's influence on street-fashion
and photography:
The Heir to Bill Cinningham?
By Nicholas Boston/NY Observer›


  1. That is a fashionable bike he has, for sure. I'm convinced of his authority!

  2. indeed!
    I just wanna hug him.


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