Sunday, August 3, 2008

San Francisco Bay Guardian / Best of Bay Free Party

Congrats to the mighty SF-Bike Coalition and all the prettiez that biked and volunteered to help this hot day be super.
(I'm pretty sure it was in the mid 90°s)

From the SFBG Best of bay // 2008:
BEST TWO-WHEELED COMMUTE All the transportation experts say that when it comes to riding bicycles through big-city streets, there is safety in numbers. So if you're among the majority of San Franciscans who still don't pedal their way to work, there's no better day to try it than Bike to Work Day, which occurs each May. This year, for the first time in San Francisco history, official traffic surveys that day counted more bicycles than automobiles during the morning commute on Market Street, a particularly astounding feat given that a court injunction has prevented the city from creating any new bike lanes or making improvements for the past couple of years. The day also features free coffee and other goodies from "energizer stations" (often staffed by very attractive "energizers") around town and a Bike Home from Work afterparty, where you can flirt with the steel buns set and toast your merry mileage.

Biking in a brutally nice hot day in SF, May 15th. I'd guess mid80°s at 7:30AM; rather unusual

white shades coolness_________bags & freebies_________free snacks and coffee

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