Friday, August 15, 2008

This week in the postal mailbox

I love getting postal mail! This week I received a surprise package from Current in the mail. The sent it to a batch of people and you can see their pictures or videos in the Tee Party page.

I've posted some bike-related articles there. It's a 3-year old project ran by Mr. Al Gore. One of their offices is located here in SF, near the ballpark stadium,with many other web2.0 companies.
It is a cable channel, which airs very fast-paced info (comcast 107) & a website/directory in the similar lines of digg. An opportunity to post your own production/films in various topics is the Viewer Created Content and a good documentary section by their Vanguard team. My favorite is Laura Ling's Toxic Villages piece. And of course loads of highly opinionated users.
You can see some of the bicycle posts here or for other stuff just search.

(LEFT) Perfect-Fit women-sized shirt (meaning it won't be a PJ shirt), moleskin-ish notebook (I do carry a stickglue and scissors in my bag) and some stickers. Nice!
- Inspired by Ines Brunn lady bike trikster superstar

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