Friday, September 5, 2008

Ritual your Grubb

Bikes, coffee and plants I would say, are 3 things that I'm in touch with several times a day. Plants make me happy, now going to a nursery that also has a rad coffee kiosk, trinkets and make it a little bike trip, just can't get any better.
San Francisco's own Flora Grubb is a gem and a treasure trunk of goodies, including (also local) Ritual Coffee's 2nd (tiny but mighty) location. The 3 of us, wanderlust ambassadors, rode out there just because. A nice place to visit at least once a month -or more...-

& everytime I stop by the Flora Grubblicious, my fave spot remains the same:


  1. Bikes, plants, and coffee? I must be dreaming again - perfect combination!

  2. ah yes!
    all 3 compliment a lovely day ;]


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