Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sunday Streets San Francisco

The first one out of two - Sunday Streets San Francisco, was loads of fun and free of motorized traffic worries. All ages were out there pedaling, walking, running and everything else and on top of it all, was such a gorgeous day. Beautiful!!!

and with the above photo of the melo-yellow matching kid, we'll keep pedaling until next one around ‹Sep 14th› :)

Check out the SF Chronicle & images from their article ‹Thousands enjoy S.F.'s Sunday Street event›


  1. Great photos... bikes on the street!

  2. hey - that's me on my music trike!
    Melissa - thanks for the comment & I LOVE your blog!

    What a great idea - i'm going to put in my RSS feeds NOW -

    So how is it that we've never met? We clearly live in similar worlds (& I saw your post from the SFBC 56 meeting!).

    You should:
    a) come to my party
    b) say hi if you see me at Critical Mass tonight (i don't know what you look like)
    and c) checkout our NYE music ride (if you haven't already)



    .ps Seriously VERY COOL blog!


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