Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day & Night

Currently raining. Rain was predicted for Friday and not today, but I enjoy the rain. Yesterday was a sun-fog-wind mix .


  1. cute ensemble!

    and your costume for tomorrow will be??? quizas una bruja revolucionaria? :)

  2. Yeah! bruja on bike LOL!
    last year was spock (spock-ette!) & this year, I'll let you know later ;)

  3. Bikes and the City is a simple pleasure: lovely photos, positive vibes and small bites of text about topics I care about. Thanks, it's my new favorite!

  4. Hi alison, thanks! thats very nice of you :) Im happy you enjoy it

  5. ahh I love bikes!

    Your blog is rad.

    My bike died the other day the pedal fell off and the breaks snapped. It was really old and cool. I'm so sad about it.

  6. thanks! stompface♥
    :( hope your bike gets fixed (or replaced?)... xo/


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