Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Los Sharks

These jaws are everywhere. I'm liking.

On Fell & Divis/ smart shark aiming for the coffee. Rowwwr

Shark bites your eyes here


  1. BOOTS!

    Cutest. Boots. Evar. !

    I love the boots.

  2. I should add that the rest of the outfit show them off to advantage, and I love the graphical nature of the dress and the matching belt, and it all works so well to make those boots look awesome!

  3. You and your camera have been busy (and looking great)! That outfit is the definition of cycle chic. I've got major boot envy now.

  4. thanks so much <3 my lovelies!!!

  5. nice outfit indeed. oh how i miss SF, ladies with style on bikes everywhere. i must return soon.

  6. I wish that I could paint you in that outfit!

    Love your photographs - great looking blog. And the header is great. Did you make it?

  7. @C_C well thank you ;)

    @lavanna. Im flattered, it'd be pretty cool!! thanks so much.
    Yes I made the banner and it is all photographs of mine, including a half stamp (the skull) and a poster of mine (lady w/skirt), the blue one is my bike <3, half my legs LOL etc/


  8. Great self-portrait!
    It so cool to see the faces behind the blogs I love -
    - man


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