Monday, November 17, 2008

Peets and the coffee bikes

Rumor had it that the Peet's location at the Ferry building had a discount for bike riders. I know they do offer 10¢ off when you bring your own mug, but so do many local coffee shops around the city, which is nice.
I already get much love with my SFBC card-discounts, so I was uncertain if this was only for people that worked there, used the ferry etc. & so, rumor is true.
[Cute young lady-staff, confirmed: "For the month of November, the Peet's Coffee & Tea /location in the Ferry building - San Francisco is offering $1 off when you roll by with your bike. Just testing it out for the month and will perhaps continue if there is demand for it.]
Save a buck and get caffeinated.
Pass the word, dear bike coffee lovers

get your fix

sweet suited man & his cool red schwinn!


  1. Just curious: is one supposed to wheel one's bike into the Ferry Building and, like...prop it up in the hallway and point to it when up at the register? one's bike lock key or helmet or other incriminating accessory? Or just mention that one rode a bike there?

  2. Just curious: is one supposed to wheel one's bike into the building, park it in the hallway, and point to it when ordering? Or...maybe show one's bike lock key or helmet or other incriminating accessory? Or...just mention that one rode a bike over?

    [Sorry...that last comment went through with the wrong URL attached to my sig...don't want you to think you're getting flashlight spam, so re-commenting...]

  3. RPretty/ you're welcome ;)

    Chester/ its cool (LOL-flashlite link)
    They seem pretty chill about it. Im sure if you just tell them you're a bike rider they'll be okay, since there's lots of foot traffic it'll be obvious some people will use the racks around the bldg.
    I've been there a few times now, and it's cool to see the staff is more than happy to offer their bike incentive thing goin on.
    Cheers! ‹♥with coffee›

  4. AWESOME! I work right around the corner. Well worth the walk. These guys just got a new customer. Thanks for tip. (I might steal it for my blog hehehe)

  5. thank you sir, oh your blog is rather wonderful.

    bicycle pirate

  6. D/ nice!!

    bPirate/ aye, aye mate XO

  7. Thanks again milagrosa for all the cute cycling guy phhhooootooooos. You're boosting up my middle-ager hormones. And Chester honey, I know that's you.

  8. AlisonC/ ha! so funny. thanks heart ;)

    MaryJo/ thank you♥

  9. Hi there my fellow rider.. love your blog.. cool blogs.. do you mind if i put ur link to my blog..? im from malaysia.. started commute to the office by bike.. nice knowing you ..

  10. in regard to the $1 off deal- the swell manager at this peet's (a dapper gent named steve) has instated this discount. All you need for the discount is to bring in your helmet, or point vaguely to what may well be your bike, unicycle, tricycle, what-have-you. My insider information comes from my position as an employee of Peet's at the Ferry Bldg. so come on by!


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