Thursday, November 27, 2008

To the weekend to come

—eat, drink & nap plenty—

These are from a couple of weeks ago, forgot to post them. Enjoy your day(s) off!!


  1. Gorgeous!

    Influenced by +Bikes and the City+, I've started to dress more nicely on my shorter utility rides. There's no reason to wear spandex for rides of 5 miles or less, but I've been guilty.

  2. theSeaW/ thanks!

    Alison/ aw, that's super!
    there's so much inspiration & lovelies out there; I'm flattered this little blog has influenced you. Ride on lovely rider♥

  3. Nice pictures!
    Bonitas fotos (vaya vistas más preciosas tenéis en San Francisco, quiero volver).

  4. RJ/ thank so much

    josh y lola/ me da gusto que las disfruten. saludos desde el otro lado del pond ♥


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