Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bike share program: Tricycles in North beach

THIS is how i saw Gary Fisher today!!!
To read the full article from the chronicle:
Tricycle-sharing aimed at North Beach Shoppers
by Erin Allday
"They're super easy to ride, but they don't want to be on hills. And they're not
going to be fast," said Gary Fisher, one of the inventors of modern mountain
biking, who now runs a bike design company and built the tricycles being
offered by Bike and Roll. "But if I'm going to the grocery store I don't have to
edit my purchases. I can buy anything I want and it all fits on the bike."

Time to explore North Beach! There are plenty of small local shops on Grant st.,
little indie galleries (ie. five points arthouse) and lovely little coffee shops
that have nothing to do with the out-of town hoopla on the weekends & there's
not that many tourists this time of year. I love local North Beach. Ride on!


  1. Now I like the Simple City even more... :) Way to go Gary! Lucky Lucky you. I miss those delicate brushes with greatness. A tricycle is good, but an Xtracycle takes up a little less room at the racks me thinks. Hmmm... a Simple City Xtracycle ?... happy riding.

  2. Glad you found a photo to borrow! He is quite a snazzy dresser. Good to see him promoting "utility" biking, too.

  3. sigrid/ yeah, go Gary!! I had no idea about this program, hope it goes city-wide soon or simliar programs are initiated in each neighborhood & area ;)

    Lynn/ doesn't he look great?! Last time I saw him from a short distance was in muddy lycra (a crosscycle race in the city) I prefer his city look, ♥style!

  4. Wow, he's everywhere this week - now check out Fat Cyclist's blog (

  5. sweet! pretty cool his jersey is everywhere.


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