Monday, December 15, 2008

Friday Nite Lites

4th Annual Holiday lights night ride. More lights on the bikes than most of the city blocks this year :(
Someone calculated 60ish riders. Nice! Took the lights from the basket, clip them on my bag & took the Smurfette for a spin, since I didn't get a chance to pick up my BFF from the shop.

This is Eric's bike from LiteBykes He controls each eye/arrow from his handlebar to indicate turn signals. Yes.
[your bike will flash and bling more golden than a rapper's front tooth.
We can even bling out your name in a rainbow of colors from yellow and red to blue and green.

hey u got any more of that wine...

This 100ft. monterey cypress is San Francisco's official holiday tree. El chope train included.

lighting trolls


  1. Very cool event. Smiley face, most excellent.

    For a second, I thought the tree was dun up in bike lights. That would have been the coolest. Tough changing batteries, though.

  2. I love these photos, and the event looked like so much fun. I agree with spiderleggreen, the smiley face with the blinking eye indicators is so fantastic! Keep showing us all of these wonderful things that you see and do in SF area.

  3. spiderleggreen/ I know right? that'd be the ultimate tree!

    wendyB/ thanks!

    lavanna/ it was lots of fun :) yes that blinking turn/smiley face is pretty popular. thanks for your lvoely comments

  4. omg that looks like so much fun! i can't believe i've never heard of this and i lived in sf for 11 years! yikes, well, i guess having a bike would help getting in the bike loop.

    have a wonderful holiday meli! it's so nice to virutally know you!

  5. aaww!! Iknow, well next time you're in SF we know we're def. getting together♥
    happy holidays(in german?) LOL

  6. Love the lights - so very festive!


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