Monday, December 1, 2008

The Thanks

Thanksgiving thanks. For so many things really. Bikewise-For a healthy knee (major surgery 8 years ago.) For my 2 bikes that mean so much to me. That I feel confident knowing the roads & routes to get around the city ‹I love maps›.
Looking back when I started riding in 2002ish, I was very intimidated by traffic & also a number of my peers then, were very critical because I was 'too slow, not safe, distracted' Etc. I feel I have learned from that both good and bad. & that I've had some close calls, but haven't let that intimidate me nor hold me back from riding. Few scars are ok.
I'm also thankful that I started a blog, though I thought of myself very shy to do so. It has brought along many positive things, like meeting a myriad of riders and readers, becoming close to my cyber-friends & seeing other people sharing the same passion all over the world. ♥Thanks & Ride on_


  1. here here miss meligrosa. i'm thankful that we are blog amigos now. i love your posts, the pics... and your outfits. ;)

    when do we get to see you out on the torpado?

  2. *That's* what I wanted to say in my Thanksgiving post - how thankful I am that the blog has brought me so many new, wonderful friends.


    Well said, and thank you for blogging!

  3. Meligrosa nos gusta mucho tu blog y las fotos que publicas, un saludo y enhorabuena

  4. Thanks for sharing your bike life and favorite coffee spots with us. You helped inspire me to start a blog about my renewed passion for bikes (but I'm still looking for a good coffee shop to bike to!). Keep on pedaling, shooting and sipping!

  5. Thanks for blogging - it rocks! Go Bay Area!

  6. c_c/ ♥muchos thanks

    charlotte/ **hugs** very sweet!

    D!/ ditto

    JyLola/ igualmente corazones - saludos, gracias.

    Lynn/ You're very welcome;) Im so flattered and happy that you've enjoyed my caffeinated treks

    Jeannie/ yay area love! xo -


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