Sunday, January 11, 2009

City quick shots

These are shots were taken with my camera's 'quick shot' feature. I'm still learning how it is used efficiently, since one must see through the viewfinder in that mode. Instead of sticking my nose on the camera's LCD to do so, I've been guesstimating. These are some shots, enjoy :)

Red coat, red light.

Fence & silhouette



  1. I hate to complain, but SHORT sleeves?!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! we topped out at 20 today ~ I miss SF. ;*( (as you already know...)

    Thanks for sharing your experiments. I keep doing the same, but never quite achieve what I see in my mind.

    Keep up the lovely work.

  2. Aaaaaaah sigrid... I know, Im horrible! We had a little freak heat wave yesterday. Last week was in the high30s and 40s (I know that's not cold at all!) :/
    Well, hope these images put a warm feeling and make you smile all the way to the twin cities!! thanks for all the sweet comments♥ and it will get suuny soon over there yes?! big hug from sf!!
    xo/ m


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