Friday, January 9, 2009

Park and ride

Bicycle parking is something I always think about multiple times a day. I always try to think of creative ways to not leave my bike outside for a long period of time. It doesn't always work but it's worth the try.
Anyways, a subject that always deserves a good discussion (ecovelo has a recent post about it with some good feedback rolling) but for now, I show you some shots from this week around the city :)

3rd street/ Not that I wanted to capture someone's rear, but I really like that cherry-red frame color...
Well I also like the little detail matching his bag's inside lining.

Mason st/ I'm hoping that the items inside the seat post pouch were taken by its owner...

This is what happens when you got friends visiting from out of town, you make friends with the hotel's concierge
and then, your bike gets an indoor parking space. And he even agreed to snap a photo LOL (My friends were staying at that hotel). Score

Doesn't hurt to ask, however I always carry my two locks.

Hello hotel man.


  1. Ha ha! The hotel man is happy.

  2. I agree with you. The red single speed is sweet. He is doing the right thing locking this one up properly! Do you reckon it's a Soma Fabrication? I want one! :-)

  3. What an outfit you have on. It's perfect for that hotel.

  4. When most people ride in the future, the world will have much better bicycle parking and many more porta-potties. Bicycle parking is a much more photogenic subject.

    I've had good luck checking my bike as baggage with the bellman in hotels. I've checked my bike at several hotels near Union Square while attending meetings. Bikes are lighter than big suitcases. Just leave a big tip!

  5. valet parking, how cute...

    what type of bike is that sexy blue mixte that you ride?

    its so hard to lock up bike like that in toronto without coming back to an empty bike rack..

    damn style theives!

  6. Wendy/ LOL, I love it when people enjoy getting their picture taken

    Groover/ yes! isn't it gorgeous ;)

    spiderlg/ ♥thanks. yeah funky place

    alison/ yes! that's an excellent point

    Chiara/ I agree with you. Im very protective and paranoid about when, where, how my bike will be parked. Bike thieves here in SF are intense. I keep intending to do a little post with more information about my bike, soon I promise!!

  7. The cherry red bike is lovely!
    You smooth mover getting your bike an indoor parking space, haha - well done!


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