Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo del dia: Castro Lycra love

WOW! I'm all for bikes, whatever style you roll with, but this just made smile. Yeah he looked a tad weird, spandex speaking, but in my opinion, the fact that he is out riding, looked just sooo happy while at it, was smiling the whole time and he didn't seem to really care what people thought (and why should anyone!?), I say more power to you mr. lycra!
Other than the fact that his rear tire could use some air, his little get-up had all these swimming Spanish words (perhaps a triathlete?) around it and he was wearing (basketball?) shoes... ;)


  1. Maybe he is a Japanese cartoon character. But why the Spanish then? I'm thinking that could be my Halloween costume, next year.

  2. Cafe Flore on the corner. Not so much NFT, instead a real local place, one of the oldest ones around. Hope you stopped in for a cup!

  3. Nice catch!

    My guess is that he's riding his bike to luge practice.

  4. wtf? like the moxy!

    This picture is surreal to me, the people in the background seem to pop off the page against the green of the trees and that always lovely SF sky. Nice!

  5. spiderlegGreen/ LOL that'd be great!

    RidingPretty/ yup. you know when in season, their blood orange juice is killer.

    chestery/ OMG luge! biking to the x-games practice...

    sigrid/ moxy fierce, no kidding :) &thanks!


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