Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Polk street

Bike lane with a view. Angel island in the background.

4 wheels.


  1. I would love to ride around San Francisco. Is there a bike path or bike lane that runs next to the shore?

  2. Excelentes fotos y gracias por el deseo buena suerte....

  3. hey Meligrosa,

    please stop posting pictures of beautiful streets with blue skies and and no visible traces of snow.

    this is not fair.

    its -35 degrees celsius here in toronto and the rubber on my tires are cracking when i ride..

    how miss the bay area... Chestnut st is calling my name.

    thanks for posting..

  4. Wow, I would give a lot to be in the San Francisco sunshin right now. Beautiful pictures and I love your bike!

  5. melig ~ getting a mani-pedi perhaps? A requirement for riding around in beautiful weather in your sandals!

    PS, I keep waiting for you to introduce your bicycle more - is it a three speed? If so, how DO you ride those hills? I used to ride in from Marin on my lil'C, but it had many gears to get me up the hill out of Sausalito.

    Chiara - At least we have our warm memories? Yes?

  6. My parents lived on Polk Street 'till I was almost born. Thus, like a salmon, I kinda feel like it's home. Looking at that photo I really wonder why we ever left!

  7. RatTrapPress/ Yes you def. can! there are a myriad of routes around the city, I love maps and I still use one to look at (and cheat hills) you can take a look here (link downloads PDF) from the SF bike Coalition [link]

    CyclingTeacherGuy/ de nada! un abrazo, can't wait to see some photos :)

    Chiara/ :( haaa! hey I know the good weather will be coming, hang tight, in the mean time wishing these photos put a warm smile all the way up the toronto, yes?

    Sigrid/ mani? LOL no no! I bought some trail mix at the [Real Food's], they put these cute little chairs outside, great for people watching ;)
    and yes I know! bike update soon, no it has 2 front discs and a decent old school derailleur, so way more than 3 shifts!

    Charlotte/ that is pretty sweet, your parents must have great memories!! (did you know Margaret Cho's parents also had a book store on polk?

  8. Polk Street is one of my favorite rides! I love how its personality changes along its length from City Hall to the Hemlock, the Lumiere to Shanghai Kelly's, Pesce to the bay. Maybe I'll see your sweet bike rolling along there someday! And yes, let's hear more about that bike...

  9. letsgorideabike/ ah thank you! big hug♥

  10. Anonymous/ I couldn't agree with you more. Polk is a chameleon and I love its many colors


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