Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Window Wednesday

-And what an adorable bike out there- Happy Hump Day. /Coffee Bar, Mariposa & Florida


  1. What a great photograph! Even the twisted camera adds to the perkiness of the picture. Beautiful colours.

  2. That photo made me get a head ach, BUT totally in a good way.
    I was focusing on the bike like it was a poster. Then I got the picture and my head ache went away.

  3. Yes, great photo. And with all the cool colors going on, my eye goes straight for the purty black bike.

  4. groover/ ♥thanks

    hoopty/ haa - thanks

    dottie/ thank you. isnt it? that flirty little bike

  5. Wishing I could jump into that picture! Well, maybe in March--I'm heading up that way first week. Hope we can meet up for a coffee! I will email you soon so we can coordinate :)

  6. I like this pic, more and more. The window frames have a luminescence that I find really fun. I like pictures with a lot going on and this one has a lot going on. Maybe that's why I missed it at first. And there's a bike in the middle. Even more points!

  7. maryjo/ yes, of course -thatd be great ♥cant wait

    spiderlegGreen/ thank you! ;)

  8. I can't stop looking at it.

    Can I "borrow" it and put it on my site? Something blog about dreams of warm weather. There's me outside with my lappie. Ahhh!


  9. yeah sure, thanks for the compliment ;)
    whatever I can do to cheer that brutal midwest weather. brrr


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