Wednesday, February 18, 2009

From SF to DF

Location: Palacio de Bellas Artes Las Bicicletas by Aceves Navarro
**Read more: LAtimes | Press release: news ‹eng. GoogleTrans.

This is the last post of the D.F. /Mexico City series.
I got to see plenty of great street art as well as public installations during the quick trip.
The one above, was by far my favorite of course.
Below is a mural-wall by local San Francisco artist Sam Flores.
This was at a food/market place in collaboration with Saner, a DF-based artist. Sweet find
Sam flores ‹SF›, Saner ‹DF›, "Elvia" Antojitos & comida corrida
**Read more, artist webpages: Saner | Sam Flores.


  1. i'm loving the sillouettes of the bicycles.. it so reminds me of Taliah Lemperts screen prints...

    she's one hot artist..

  2. great pictures!
    i reallyyyyy like your blog.

  3. ♥!! thanx for stopping by JennyH :)

  4. What a great art installation in the DF! That would be great in SF. I love all the murals in the Mission. You'd probably get a kick out of my husband's site, He reviews all the burritos in SF and has some great "art" on his landing page. :)

  5. thanks Sonja! I think Ive come across it before. this burrito city :) thanks for the link, cool cool

  6. Hey Meli cuando regreses al DF eres mas que bienvenida y te doy un tour por las comidas mas chatarras y deliciosas que puedas probar

    1. <3 alex mil gracias, mira que acabo de ver tu mensage. saludos!! xxo


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