Saturday, February 14, 2009

Los events: Valentine happenings

City Cycle window display.
Le Tour del Golden State kicks off today. I will be catching those hot lycra boys when they fly through San Francisco this Monday morning.
Since the stage begins in Sausailto at 8:30AM, they will probably be in SF by 8:32AM! Is anyone planning to go out there? Let me know! In my caffeinated stage, I'll do a coffee pit stop beforehand (Open at 7AM)

If you are a blogger, or happen to be in Sacramento tonight here is an event to check out:
Sacramento Saturday Fans & Followers We're having a bike bloggers and followers meetup at the R15 (corner of 15th & R) in Sacramento
And this is also pretty interesting, if you need a fix:
Mash SF to Ride Fixed in Tour Of Eight riders from the globetrotting MASH SF crew plan to ride the entire 750 miles of the Amgen Tour of California on fixed gear bikes.
_both events via cyclelicious


  1. Big Sigh! I wish I was there ...

  2. double big sigh! Please, please, please take a picture of Thor for me. H approves of my 'other' love.... I admit it, I totally dig lycra.

    WELCOME BACK!!!! You were missed.

  3. Love the trike in the window, I remember my first bike, a French Puegot! Ride on Meli....

  4. thanks all/ it's been a super rainy one. those lycra cowboys are crazy fast troopers!!

    sigrid/ aah! THANK YOU!!!! ;)


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