Monday, February 16, 2009

With Love From: DF /Bikes around


Bikes, fruit and go. Bread delivery headquarters?

'If I change, the world changes' /La Buena Tierra rest.

Circuit of the cyclestations. There seem to be plenty of group rides in Mexico city :) including night rides.
I couldn't make it to any of them, but you can check out a local blog here: Mejor en Bici


  1. A group ride in Mexico would be really interesting. What are you doing down there, work, family, vacation?.

  2. I love the La Buena Tierra veggie bicycle!

  3. RatTrap/ It was a super short trip, otherwise I wouldve done one, check out the scene. The people seem very into it, regardless of the massive and way crazy traffic. Its insane.

    RidingPretty/ thanks! it's a veggie velo LOL

  4. Buena tierra was one of my favorites when I lived in el df 2004-2006. I used to live right near la condesa where you took some of these photos.

    Glad someone else states-side has discovered the charm of mexico city by bike. Many of your posts remind me of mine back when I was actually blogging:

    Thank you for your colorful, easy-on-the-eyes and enjoyable blog. Brian

  5. Hey Brian!!
    thanks so much for stopping by, this was my 4th visit to el DF, and as always very enjoyable. I have visited different aspect and areas of it on every visit but always has been positive!
    Since my last visit (in 05) there is now a new metroline (like an rapid bus) that bikes are 'encouraged' to use when the bus is not around. also a huge increase in riding, and car-free weekends around the chapultepec area. pretty cool :)



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