Wednesday, March 11, 2009


The mighty ECOVELO blog is running a photo contest.
Deadline is March 15th, so submit, if you haven't!!
It is great to see the beautiful entries from all around the globe and so
many different perspectives with a common passion, bicycles.
To see more info: EcoVelo Photo Contest
To see my caffeinated entries: Here


  1. very nice! i haven't been to ecovelo for a long time, so thanks!
    you got the best blog name!

  2. thanks for stopping by & the very sweet words!

  3. Oh, thanks. This might be a good excuse to get on the bike in search for some subjects tomorrow. I feel creative and inspired, especially by the photos in your 'Spread your wings' post. Love the colors.

  4. ♥oh thanks so much! let me know when how your shots come up, it'll be great to check'em out


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