Thursday, April 16, 2009

Let's kick it

Pre-coffee meeting. /Four Barrel for four -Mission

Riding horses and riding bicycles. two different yet similar pairs of kicks /The outer sunset

Three /Crissy Field

Two /Linden st.

Minus one and minus the grass. /Linden st.

One /Octavia st.


  1. I suddenly need to go get some coffee!

  2. You are the queen of Blue and Gold!

    ps. I have been tasting some coffee for the last few days. But I have an excuse. They put me in charge of finding a new coffee blend at work. Why they picked me? I don't know. Some people say I have taste. ;)

  3. CyclingTeacherGuy/ thanks ;D

    Charlotte/ Excellent!!!

    SpiderLegGreen/ That's a first, I love it! Really coffee tasting? Maybe because you are such a tea enthusiast? sounds like fun, keep me posted, Id love to hear what your choices are

  4. love these pics, It makes me want some coffee!


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