Tuesday, April 14, 2009

North The West Evening Ride

I am. And very happy about that.
These are from a quick solo ride, up and around the north-west-end of the city. This is San Francisco, and San Francisco has massive hills and I love them. Of course there's always way to cheat them and go around them, but sometimes is fun to go out to the city's greenest miles and just get lost. Middle-ride coffee pit stop was mandatory. Loving the late sunsets.

Hello headlands. You're next.

Quixote wheels.

Tulipsized me.

Scooby Doo House.

Bike fuel.


  1. como siempre... nice pics. i like the shot of your torpado and marin county in the background.

  2. Tulips look beautiful! What Nice photos.

  3. Great posts, they just get better all the time! Hey, hope you got my little package--let me know!

    xo Mary Jo

  4. Who's butt do we have to kiss to get a link over there in the resources segment? ;)

    BTW, have you thought about doing an I Love Riding in the City for us?

  5. the torpado looks amazing! the photos here always bring a smile. keep up the great work!

  6. I grew up 2 blocks away from the Scooby Doo House. Did you stop at Java Beach? The community garden across Great Highway from it was just a huge dirt pile most of the time I was a kid. I love sitting out there and watching the locals gather. Even though I haven't lived there since 1984, I still think of myself as a Sunset girl (in part).

  7. If only every hill had a view like that at the top! Love the windmill, too.

  8. Look, twins (okay, fraternal more than identical): http://www.flickr.com/photos/flickr_lee/3443263137/

    Keep up the beautiful biking and blogging.

  9. c_c_rider/ muchos thanx! Marin awaits for you too eh!

    RidingPretty/ tulips are for a happy (and oh so windy) spring! ♥cheers

    MaryJo/ oh thanks for your always sweet comments MJM -I sent you a little note

    UrbanJeff/ no shit! how could I? after ages of reading UV! better coordination between my reader and that roll needs some attn.
    For that you get an extra heart, how's that?!

    Thanks Ryan C. that's very nice to hear ;)

    Adrienne/ wow,so cool. A close someone said one day shaggy is just gonna roll out of the mystery-mobile-house! is that true?? ;)
    I didn't stop at java this time. got in trouble, you know, with the sunset crew.

    Dottie/ yes! ♥in all her hilly glory

    Lynn/ So thankful for the time change, otherwise is pitch black

    Anonymous/ Oh that is very cool! Thanks for stopping, &sharing your picture :)

  10. Out there, Shaggy could certainly be 'rolling' something : )

    How did you get in trouble with the Sunset crew?

  11. omg yes, haaaa!
    got into caffeinated troubles, as in the last picture. we are overdue for some coffee, we get together soon /xoxo


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