Monday, April 20, 2009

Riding to the meadow.

walk. ride. run. talk. /Fell and Masonic
I rode out to Elk Glen Meadow in Golden Gate Park for the Dirty Bird Season Opener to meet with my peeps. Nothing like another excuse to ride through Golden Park on a gorgeous car-free Healthy Sunday (40+ years and counting!!)
Snapped some pictures on my way there and back, since I was probably riding 2 miles per hour. The weather must have been in the 80s. This heatwave is very loco.

Sunday traffic.

Brake time.

Hat Panda. Overheated.


  1. Yo, I need to make it out to GGP for a ride, looks super fun! I guess I need to get out of the hills and back on two wheels.

  2. that'd be great! maybe you can come into the city for sunday streets and bring some of your east bay peeps along! :D


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