Sunday, May 31, 2009

Meli J blige

That's what I named these shoes after one of my favorite female singers. I got them over a year ago, but only felt like trying them out a couple of months ago. Sometimes you just gotta do things when the timing feels right.
Yes, they are clipless and they go on some gadget-y looking pedal, but I'll be the first one to explore all ways of cycling and yet, remain to prefer high-heels and my frenchie above it all. Having so many beautiful mountains to climb and endless miles to explore around the Bay Area, I'm game. So, here we are. These shoes are still worn with dresses. Indeed. In these pictures I have knee-high socks and tights so, not much of a change. However, I do miss having my basket.
The smurfette has been getting some TLC riding time now and it is a fun ride.

What's the 411?

Move forward.


  1. Good to see the smurfette getting some love. Maybe I oughta take the old scorcher out for a ride today. Btw, you're doing good things for the SIDIs, although I just opted for clips and straps on my randonneuse. Now I just need to find some old school leather cycling shoes...

  2. thanks lee.
    I myself feel a bit odd with clips, and its been quite a disaster trying to get my foot in there, but well. yeah taking the road bike out for some air was fun - thanks for stopping by ;)


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