Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Bikes and the Maker Faire

This way.

Here are some pictures of bike stuff I saw around the fair. I was going for the robots and the light shows and the laser sawdust area. Many bike maker ninjas around, it was wheelfest out there.


High standards.

Beatle and bike.

Rocking the bike!

Leg powered. That spoke craftiness is just amazing.

Bikes and tea lovers. This Guayaki shot is for spiderleggreen. I'm sure he'll appreciate a little tea around here - as long as it's caffeinated...

Frenchie awaits patiently at the bicycle parking area. Royal treatment :D

"Hey girlie bike!!! but I'm right over here" he said as I was heading over to the train station- we all started cracking up.


  1. Hey, we met at Tour de Fat S.F. last year. We're Krank-Boom-Clank who built the Hennepin Crawler big-wheeled spokey contraption pictured above.

    We're puttin' on The Great Handcar Regatta again this year in Santa Rosa, one hour north of S.F. Plenty of crazy bikes and pedal-power machines on the rails to be seen! Come on up Sept. 27th, 2009...

  2. Love that through the spokes photo --it's definitely book quality, you're going to have to put out a book you know!

  3. cliff/ hey awesomeeeee! great to hear from you. wow, has it been a year already! this apratus is tremendous. - ill put ur info up soon. sept will be around the corner at this pace. xo/m

    mary Jo/ thanks SOOOO much. oh Im so flattered, Im glad you continue to enjoy my pics ;D

  4. Oh, that Guayaki! A few years ago, I used to drink Yerba Matte everyday, out of the gourd(the traditional way). Nothing like it. But I gave it up, because that stuff makes the heart work too hard.


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