Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caffeinated love affair.

I love coffee. But that is well known. Here are some photos throughout the last few days of caffeine moments, that help me through the day. and the week. and get me together with my peeps on any give evening, weekend, occasion. The moment of riding to a café and sitting with a friend could be universal, something can be done anyplace, anywhere, regardless of location. I have never taken for granted that here in San Francisco, we have great coffee and good spots, and they are all within a bike ride. Okay, I'm done praising my love for coffee, now go ride and enjoy the lovely thick fog!!

quad /blue bottle on linden

cute! / a cafe in San Anselmo
tgif /blue bottle on linden

Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow /Sunday Shakespeare newspaper read at epicenter cafe.


  1. I am sure that Shakespeare would have loved it too......imagine that we could have had thirtenth night

  2. Before I start any ride I have a quadrupple non Fat Latte, its like having that "extra special gear" at the start of a ride, and your fellow riders think your on a tear!!!!

  3. phillip/ exactly ;D

    Paddy's peleton/ oh sweet! we talk the same language - next time Im in texas, we'll do just that

    tom/ <3


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