Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Make your own love on wheels

I must have thought I was already suffering from coffee withdrawal at 3PM because suddenly I started to panic. This intense smell of wonderfulness ,aka coffee in the making, suddenly slapped me in the face. Is my 5th dose of espresso love haunting me this afternoon already?? I thought. It was surreal when I turned the corner and I saw our San Francisco own Ritual Roasters at a booth. Not sure if they, per se made this bike, but they certainly made my afternoon.

Iced-coffee, get your Iced-coffee. Awesome.

Ding ding. Your fix is coming.


  1. I talked to the lovely Eileen of Ritual Roasters & they had the fine folks at Cyclecide make this beautiful Meli Support Vehicle.

  2. Coffee junkie gets her fix! ;)

    Love the flag. Looks Russio-Islamic. It through me off for a second.

  3. I think it should just follow me around.

  4. And.....THIS is exactly why SF is so great. Me♡

  5. deep/ Im gonna have to have a serious talk with my cyclecide peeps. urgent meeting...

    spiderleggreen/ yes I know i'll be the FIRST one to admit it!
    did you see the guayaki bike?!??! iposted it esp. for you. u better see it. ha haaa.

    ade/ dear eileen. please hire me to do this job 24/7. Ill try* not to drink the product before I actually make a sale...

    sigrid/ we heartz you back!!!


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