Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mill Valley bike swap.

Mid-ride we made a stop at the Mill Valley annual bike swap. Cool bikes, good deals, lots of beautiful bikes, parts, and some vintage sweaters. Here's some pics. Enjoy!

If I was 5'1 I'd be all over this.

lovely orange from mydutchbike.com

mineral water is the new pbr.

It was nice to see Justin. I'm long due to visit him and some de la paz goodies over at his shop
in San Rafael China Camp Beans and Bikes.


The cici gelateria bike was my favorite. Made by Sycip, local bike makers and the same builder's of the Boccalone bike in the Ferry bldg. I tried the lemon gelato and it was pretty good. Super nice guys too.

cici gelato.

Mission lycra boy. Their ride flew past us after the bridge. Cracks me up every time to see these kits with Delfina on their butt (not visible here) as that pizza is beyond delicious. Excellent product placing.


  1. Sigh....Swoon...all that bike love in my old home town (and still so in my heart)! My Dutch Bike?! That's awesome. And those pics across the bridge and Tiburon? I am so there... Thanks for sharing! You are living the life. Hyggelig...♡

  2. Those guys at Sycip do some excellent work. I like the Java Boy city bike they make.

  3. Sigrid/ my pleasure! you are always here in heart - Marin hearts you back :D

    rat trap press/ aren't they great! I think their frames rock


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