Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Things & Thoughts: Little things.


Sometimes small added details make the bike an extension of ourselves. Some functional, some for fun. Having a basket has enable me to put a variety of things that make the ride more fun, including a string of lights, drinks, a basketball etc. Have you seen some interesting things on your bike lane neighbor's ride this Thursday?

The heat fog is on. Adrienne's Bat & the infamous thermometer.

Frenchie gets fashión smashión.
Well, and this is the result of bikes, fun, fashion and some photo fun.


  1. Oh Meli, I LOVE the U-lock knitted cushion thing - that's brilliant!
    The others are great too, variations of things I've seen before but the U-lock thing is new to me.

    I think these tiny details are the best part of riding a bike. I have a friend who produces after-market modifications for Audis - and I feel the same way about his Audis...

    Personalization (in a genuine way) really makes all the difference.


    Not sure if you'd seen this but it was just on Digg and I noticed you were in it. Hooray for tweed!

  3. Charlotte/ indeed! thanks for your sweet note - the cozy belongs to this lovely woman (in the baby-blue helmet and all black) I had posted before [here]
    yea, I fell in love with it as well!

    cupcakerator/ no I hadnt come across that site, thanks so much for sharing the link!! I'd seen the picture from my good bike friend dusty ;)
    & yay for tweed! cant wait for the next one! ♥xo/m

  4. Already knitting my own U-Lock cozy. I can't believe I didn't think of that before even though I am always bitching about the lock scratching my paint!

  5. I should ride around with a plastic head in my basket - I'd love to see the looks I'd get!


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