Sunday, July 26, 2009

Le tour is done

Love it or hate it, le tour is now done. Congratulations to the skinny boy with the longest eyelashes.
I had a le outfit day. Went to check out some time trial last week at a friends house, accompanied by his new ice cream machine-maker-gadget, he shared with us all, home made pistachio ice cream. I don't like ice cream much but, I make exceptions when with friends if we all go get ice cream, or of course, if they make it. Fabulous. Good stuff.

Speaking of le tour, let's celebrate the frenchie's bday, I assume it's in July, since it is a 'le tour de france' model after all. Anyhow.

Tshirt is by trackstar, think I got it 1-2yrs ago. 7am game face included....
oui oui
j'adore ♥my tandem love necklace

Above and below: Pegasus wall and the fog-sun sunset view /Berkeley.

Watch out cavendish, the frenchie is watching your silly grinch green lycra pants, mate... and will beat you to the closest coffee shop you don't quite yet - know about.

(REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel) via boston.com_theBigPicture

Photo by Devin.

And just for kicks, I found this over at a daily read and longtime inspiration, the fat cyclist.

I Have Three Tour de France-Related Questions by

After this weekend, I feel I should be wearing some polka-dot tights, but more on those hill climbing adventures soon. ♥xo/m


  1. I had to do a double-take at your shirt! My boyfriend has been SO into the coverage of the tour... He would get up every morning and watch it live before beginning his work. (It was pretty cute) It was neat too to see them go by where we were in France watching them last summer on yesterday's coverage.

    and I <3 your necklace!

  2. Hy, just loved your neckless.... I want one.

  3. oui oui... vive le tour!

    you look cute in yellow ;)

  4. funnneee shirt chica. i watched the tour this year. hella drama. i loved it. and lance lives in austin, so i just had to watch. not a bad comeback for a 37 yr old geezer. ;)

  5. Happy B'day to the Frenchie and many more!

  6. Your necklace is the coolest!

  7. My wife is now suffering from post-tour depression. She's a huge fan and watches every stage. She doesn't know what to do with herself when it's over.

    I think they could have done without the bows on the King of the Mountain podium girls outfits.

  8. deep/ oh, you know it!!

    san/ thanks darling! yeah it sure is a good conversation starter esp. in july ;) I have another shirt that reads dopers win...

    Aline/ thx so much! &for stoppin by

    c_c rider/ july is for yellow ;)

    calitexican/ iknow, that old fart! the best is his texas necklace he is always worn. makes me wanna get a califas one.

    rat trap press/ serisouly, I can relate to her ;) I have always enjoyed making it an early AM experience, even if i catch up on the weekends. I ditto with sans the bows...

    riding pretty/ anonymous/ fifi/ ♥!!

  9. Ese collar es precioso.Yo he visto el Tour todas las tardes, jeje, ha ganado un español al final :-D


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