Monday, July 13, 2009

Pushbike sf

I recently had the chance to stop by notorious Team Murder messenger champ Sarah Murder's Pushbike SF.
She was passing postcards for the shop's opening around Bike To Work week and I'm pretty happy I finally got to check it out. The spot is super sweet filled with local and made in the States goods. Including various California brands that I had not seen much around town like Swrve shorts. If a place like this around when I was 13, sharing the space with the cool skate shop, I think I'd be there everyday. Anyhow, sweet shop, a great selection of clothing and accesories, bags and some nice retro pieces around to look at. Good stuff.

I play that game everyday.

styling shoes, photos by Tim Giller and posters.

7.11 love


Sarah & Co. /Pushbike SF /24th @treat in La MisiĆ³n.


  1. Cool place. I'd love to visit it some time.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. sf will welcome you with open caffeinated arms! ;)


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