Thursday, July 9, 2009

Things and Thoughts: Freedom machines.

- freedom machines by me -
Two machines that I completely love are bicycles and espresso machines. The best. I see them on a daily basis, they both make me happy every day and thanks to the interwebs, I've connected with people that have the same sights, with their own perspective. Bicycles and cameras bringing a caffeinated community together.
This spot to shoot a pic while enjoying your fix, a flickr pool was started, check it out ;) The above picture I took on a recent stop (post below) to Sightglass cafe. The two below, are credited each accordingly, including the admin for the pool (orange bike picture). ♥xo.m

Sightglass coffee originally uploaded by Bradley Allen


  1. Such great, artistic photos!

  2. they're two of my absolute favorite things too! add movie projectors, and you've pretty much got my top-three-favorite-things-ever. happy friday!

  3. vary good bike, i feel to ride on it.

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  4. Woow! excelente! tantas cosas nuevas que ahora entran a mi imaginaciĆ³n!

  5. thx leia!

    baristomic/ yes! m.projectors would be the golden touch ;)

    lagelle/ thanks doll!!

    Nyght/ ;) cool

    Francisca/ cafesito y bicis, que buena combo no?!

  6. I rather liked the ambiguous nature of the "woman's bike" shown in the photo on the shelf. Mom? Wife? Sibling to the other bicycles. Just a family photo, do you think... Kind of like a Snoopy cartoon of the old days at Daisy Hill Puppy Farm...


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