Monday, August 17, 2009

Los events: Mission Bicycles Sat. August 22nd

flying machines

Thanks to Jefferson of Mission Bicycles, for inviting me to their sneak preview of their 'Buy Fresh, Buy Local' concept. It will be launching this next Saturday, make sure you stop by and check out all the local made goodies!!
"On Saturday, August 22nd, Mission Bicycles will be selling home grown accessories and casual bike street clothing.
Designed, made, stitched, crafted throughout San Francisco districts, the East Bay as well as Gardena, Chico and Los Angeles, California."
From the preview, local brands (and more to find out when you visit) included: B.Spoke Tailor, Cordarounds, Rickshaw Bagworks, SFBC hoodies, Chuey brand, zero per mile, swrve amongst others. Good stuff :)

Home state pride.
/Those wooden pieces are top tube covers. They're pretty neat and so nicely layered and finished. Very neat craft!

From the dogpatch with luv.

Have you seen (her) dressed in blue?!

Jeffrey, Mark from Rickshaw Bags and Nan from B.Spoke Tailor.

Jefferson & io
/I dont care my eyes are closed - I wanted to show those kick ass red wool arm warmers (they go past the elbow!)
made by B.Spoke Tailor. I love them!! (hint-hint I reallly like the gray ones...)
oh hello - noissim

Launch date: 11 AM, Saturday, August 22nd
Mission Bicycle Company | 766 Valencia street. San Francisco, Calif 94110


  1. Looks like you've been up to a lot of fun stuff!

    Happy end of summer!!


  2. My old neighborhood...! "NEVER LEAVE THE MISSION" was our motto. Every time I go back I think, maybe I should have taken that more seriously.

    So cool to see all the bike stuff that's happening now in The Mission. It had to happen!

  3. I like the warmers, too. You take the gray, I'll take the red! Isn't that shop just gorgeous? I want to touch everything!

  4. Saw this place in SF Gate. Nice. Who makes those rockin' CA hats? CA has the best state flag ever. Me wantee (as you say...hint...hint...).

    You are becoming quite the hot commodity my dear.

  5. eyes open or closed, beautiful as always....

  6. maryJo/ oh thanks!! always much fun stuff goin on ;)

    dottie/ yea, it's quite lovely. every shop in the city has its charms

    gordon/ yes, very cool stuff form bikes, food etc. thanks for stopping by

    ade/ I'm with you. Such a cool spot :D

    Sigrid/ oh I know arent they!? Im sure theyd be more than happy to send some your way if you give them a ring or online ;D &as always thanks so much for you lovely comments

    desierto-dos26/ aw THX! ;)

  7. I hope that Jefferson dude just finished his third cup of espresso, otherwise, ah..never mind.


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