Friday, August 7, 2009

Things and Thoughts: bike brite loves colors.

Caution. This bicycle makes frequent coffee shop stops.
Caution. This bicycle makes frequent coffee shop stops.

Okay. Here are the tights I won over a few days ago from le lovely the-coveted giveaway: we love colors!
They seemed pretty blue tie-dye from their online choices, but I don't mind they psychedelic rainbowness to it. I love tights. and skirts. Anyhow, here are some pictures from taking this crazy pair around the city. They are a 'one-size fits all' but I think that they might be too small for taller gals or/with longer limbs. They also carry S-M-L sets. They feel a tad thicker from all its crazy dye-processing, but feel pretty smooth overall. ♥Thanks The Coveted -&- We love colors!!!

colorful arrival.


Frenchie approves the matching blue in the midst of the tie-dye. oui.

Let's leaf-it at that.


  1. oh my goodness! those tights look so great on you... i know what you mean about the fitting though... i'm always fidgeting with my tights... but it's safe to say most my tights have one issue or another.

    on a different note... are those boots from bcbg? i think i had the exact same pair a few years back... i wore them until they had holes in the soles... needless to say i miss them...

  2. how do you keep your skirt from flying up...during the hot summer months, i can't wear tights all the time.

  3. Fabulous! With those leaves, very cool!

  4. "let's leaf-it at that"... You can get away with lines like that with those sox

  5. How do you manage to do it, pretty lady!? You ALWAYS look adorable when you ride!


  6. i quadruple the chimes of how great you look. i'm always struggling between being bike-worthy and fashionist-worthy.

  7. lovely tights!!! u look kool with it :D

    let me add u to my blog roll, i ride a bike every day as well but never had taken any photo of me on it hehhhee viva la bicycle :P

  8. ♥thanks so much for the lovely comments everybody!!!♥

    Jennine/ Oh im flattered! ;) and the boots are zamagni(?) but well also as comfortable, I could wear them everyday, not as comfy when hotter than mid60s.

    Anonymous/ Not a big deal if my skirt misbehaves. I try not to restrict natural movement or momentum from happening when Im riding. and cool summer temperatures(50-high6o°s) permit tights all the time :D


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