Thursday, August 13, 2009

A tspoon of butter with your wednesday

Butterlap last nite was great. Mid 60°s, a great crew and some vivid orange citrus colors in the sky. I would ride up any hill just to enjoy the absolutely gorgeous sunset that happened on this fine Wednesday evening. Priceless.
Later that night I learned in the news that Bonny Doon (near Santa Cruz) is evacuating due to wildfires :( Hope it's put out soon.

rearview shot / ft.mason onto crissy field

orange SF /the view from lincoln blvd.

absorving the sunset


omar, kelley + co.

bonfire smells year round

my face is stretching. haa. /taken by Omar


  1. These rides look like SO much fun! Next time I'm in SF, I totally wanna join!

  2. Gosh, 60 degree weather sounds terrific!

  3. and she goes sleeveless... very chic.

  4. For real, I want to pedal with you all....

  5. tfh/ oh that'd be lovely!

    lavanna/ yeah, im loving it ;)

    c_c_rider/ oh thank you my darling!

    Cyclingteacherguy/ we'd love to have you join!! good times


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