Tuesday, August 25, 2009

With love from: Malaysia

Thank you so much Khairul, for sharing this great picture!! This photo was taken in Kuala Lumpur
Greetings to all of you readers, bikes enthusiasts in Malaysia. Terima kasih!

I am from Malaysia and I've been following your blog. You have beautiful photos of bicycles and various locations of you beautiful city. We in Kuala Lumpur are still zillion years away from becoming a bicycle-friendly city :(
Attached is a photo of my Japanese-made roadster and my beautiful son.


  1. Thanks Meli for posting this up on your blog. Thanks Dapa for the kind words :)

    I normally will cycle around the neighbourhood or the park on weekends with Raheel sitting in front on the saddle and me on the rear carrier (I am not that heavy :) am sure the steel will hold).

    I will hold the handlebar while Raheel holds on to my arms. While he is busy enjoying the ride, I will be enjoying the sweet smell of his hair. Win-win situation eh?

    Happy Riding people!

    Kuala Lumpur


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