Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Bike My Monday

Last week, I went to check out the Make My Monday event which happens the last* (I think) Monday of the month, next one up is sept. 28th. The whole concept is for local artists to show their work and you can meet and all that schwag & buy their stuff if you'd like– they are only allowed to sell stuff they actually create within the event. There are also drinks so you can hold while you roam the space meeting le artistsss. I enjoy biking to Ft. Mason because it is a beautiful space right by the water and at this time of the year the sunsets are often times amazing and this particular side of Ft. Mason is the music area, so I get to check out the cool peeps carrying their instruments on their way to class/lessons. Muy cool.
No bikey-stuff, but here are some photos:


work in progress

Alrite, so after checking out the inside artsyness, the good stuff was outside. Took care of my eyes, now let's get to the important priority - the belly. Chaac Mool (part of La Cocina) was on location to save the evening, not bad for a Monday night. Would've been a perfect 10 if they also had ice cold Negra Modelos to go with the food, but can't have it all, all the time right... *sigh.

chaac mool

dos sopes de veggies

And there was this supberb bike-piece of artful flowerism. It carries a load of your friends and it doesn't smell like allergies.

let's roll
A mobile garden powered by pedals-bicycle-like mechanism. How rad is that?!

mobile flowers
the woman in the jean jacket is the creator. Will get her info next time. The young man is adjusting his legs
and finding the pedals to get it going.

deer in flashlight
the piece behind me used to be in the panhandle (for those outside SF, near golden gate park).
it is an installation for multipurposes, tonight a group of youngster sat underneath to get their grub on,
before there used to be music performances in the park. made out of what appears to be tin, is made out of
old car hoods. we are the change. make things. fix things. ♥

cars that don't compute
And this is what this cool shell looks like inside. We were starting to miss you, piece of coolness :)
And check it out, there will be a performance soon: Music in the bandshell Sept 12th. More info -here-

Marina sunset
Okay, looks like a fun event to check out often, I'm wondering if the food will also be different from time to time, so I will check it again... til next time Ft. Mason!!


  1. too bad they didn't have a few cold ones for you, good tacos and negra modelos are a perfect combo indeed.

  2. I love your outfit! So creative and chic. The whole event sounds like a great time, especially the food portion :)

  3. mmm I want a sope so badly now. ( they cannot be found on the east coast at all. )

  4. c_c_rider/ you know it. ill take revenge on the weekend ;)

    Dottie/ oh thanks!! yea, it was my first time checking it out, but sounds cool. I like that they mix it up each month

    MamaVee/ Oh man, I just saw a tortilla place in NYC with bourdain, and mex. food seems like such rarity!! Well our bagels out here suck, if that makes you feel better.. he hee

  5. Love the t-shirt! Make art not war!


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