Monday, September 14, 2009

Giro di San Francisco

People, trees and the craziest cliffs.
The Giro di San Francisco took place this past labor Day Monday. It is a 20+ years tradition. There was plenty of lycra, which I have nothing against. Actually, since having access to an HD television, I have a fond(er) appreciation for all sports, yes even football. HD is just wonderful -anyhow- back to bikes.

Now, this is something image is marketed to me and all of us non-racer people :) Mark your calendars!
I saw a few of my buddies racing, some seriously fast looking bikes that I think I could brake with the weight of my coffee mug, and fans from all age groups. The kids bike race is always super fun. This race has a few categories, including Men-Women pro as well. Here are some pictures - enjoy!

blur of racers

audience. those mission kits are everywhere, teasing with delfina subliminal messages. mmmh pizza...

Labor day volunteers.

the VIPs :D


  1. the giro d'vino sounds really fun! have you done it before? i'm super interested, but fear i could die if it's too hilly....


  2. the vino tour?! no, that would be a first!! hilly?! well, us SF riders, after riding in the city nothing really seems quite as hilly, to be exact.
    I wouldn't think a 'wine' ride on bikes would be difficult - so let's do it! :D


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