Friday, September 25, 2009


Ambidextrous, I am. I write with my right hand and that's about it. Looking through some self-portraits and pandas I have used both hands. In times when we are so attached to gadgets, it is nice to give your predominant hand a break, better yet both and go riding. Take a break, go for a 5 minute walk and stretch. Your body will thank you. &Have a good day.

lunch panda

triple trouble

The photos were taken in August. Taking breaks from work and going for a ride, food and coffee -what else ;)


  1. I wish my panda shots would come out so nice. Every time I take one, some old guy gets in front of the camera!

  2. Cute! You are the panda master :)

  3. Meli, you are so right :) I don't do it enough... but today at least I did go to the park for my lunch, enjoying the autumn sun, that was very nice indeed ;)

    cycle power ♥

    ;) L x

  4. grrrl, i totes hear you on the ambidextrous front! & i didn't even realize i took a pic with my left hand the other day until i looked at my panda pics on my phone after reading this post.

    ride on, stay strong. welcome to fall (but not falling down!)

  5. I'm trying to remember... Did you submit an I Love Riding in the City piece yet?

  6. Yo, the Yellow and Black Ray Bans are sweet. Ride on girl!

  7. jon/ I knew that guy was up to something!...

    dottie/ pandasting around ;)

    lorenza/ it's easy to forget - yet once you get out, it's hard to go back to work!

    calitexican/ zurdo maneuvers invasion with the bicis.

    urban jeff/ he heee. ummm yea, will do soon... <3 hearts

    cyclingteacherguy/ thx. they are fog friendly

  8. Hey pretty girl! will email u those questions today 4 ur feature style profile on my blog, stay sweet friend!


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