Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Friday 7x7ers and beyond!!

Oh plenty to do on this fine first weekend of October. TGIF!


-October 17th, 2008-
Gas Free Friday | Begins this Friday, get to the station and declare you independece. More info via SFBC››

If you are in the MSP area, territory of the my hyggelig bloggrounds,
head over to Unite Bike 2009.
There will also be music, fun. Good times.›
facebook page›

San Diego will have its Tour de Fat.
Balboa Park. Fatbulous.

Meanwhile here in SF:
Bluegrass festival
Golden Gate Park. All weekend
(SFBC valet parking announced only Sat-Sun)
Bike there!!

Meanwhilie Ade & I & ericm - will be somewhere in the land of Marin Rollin hills, maybe end up by Pt. Reyes -who knows...
(tip/hat to Lee) has passed the info for the SF Randonneurs, mark your calendars!:
The San Francisco Randonneurs would like to invite you to participate
in our first ever Fall Populaire, to be held on October 3rd, 2009. This is
a free event. You can still register -via email (*I think)

+411 click image

ex by me/excelsior festival 2007
7th annual Excelsior Festival. Music, good food, fun. Be there
io +R by me/excelsior festival 2007
- - -
Etc. Etc. – Get out and ride!!! ♥m.


  1. good luck guys!! i'll bowl a strike in your honor! :)

  2. fun! i'm glad you're doing it, since i blame you for getting me into these longer rides in the first place, haha! see you in the a.m. :)

  3. gracias cali cali <3 heard you guys did great bling-bling!!

    Lee/ yes, blame taken -SIKE- ha haaa :D


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