Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm taking a ride with my best friend.

...He knows where he's taking me. Taking me where I want to be. -DepecheMode

Welcome October! These shots sum up September, which super flew by (except for last one). ♥Love -M
golden gate panda
golden gate panda /September 25th, GGPark SF
Aero panda to the rescue
Aero panda to the rescue /September 27th, South of Market, SF
sunday panda
sunday panda /September 13th, Oakland
hi may!
hi may! /Butterlap Wednesdsay -early September, SF
Stop +go panda.
Stop +go panda. /Butterlap Wednesdsay -September 30th, SF
pandusty /GGPark -this is from June


  1. Cool photos! I can't believe it's October already - my favorite month.

  2. thanks love, I know right!? itll be 2010 soon!!!


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