Monday, October 12, 2009

PC or el MAC?

No upgrades needed for a 40 year old mixte, just a few new cables, and air. The latest in pedal technology. Hop and go :)

Hello, Im a PC
Helloww, Im a PC /north beach
el MAC y yo
El MAC et moi. /the mission
wool sock panda
Blue wool socks /crissy field
It isn't that cold out here, but these blue ones match the frenchie. Wool is one of my favorite fabrics because it reads your temperature and adjusts, naturally. Dries fast and it doesn't get stinky. Good stuff year round and I could live in smartwool socks and icebreaker tops, anyday. I can't take wool tights, too hot for me. Do you wear wool socks, shirts? who wears wool and what. Do tell :)


  1. Nice, nice, nice. Who needs upgrades when you got top notch technology!

    In Barcelona it's almost impossible to rice a bike for at least 4 months a year (not terribly hot, but simply unbearingly damp) I'd actually like to ride **without** any cloths (no wool, no cotton, no anything!).
    Ah, I do have a Frenchie too :) Mine has been a bit "upgraded" (let's say it's Frenchie 2.0) but keeps the mood. Mine is red, so are my panniers ;)

  2. The other day, I had on wool undies, wool base layer shirt, wool pants, socks and sweater on the way to the coffee shop (along with a cotton shirt, a tie, leather gloves and a wool jacket.

    18 degrees F, when I left the house, and I had to ditch the sweater after about a mile. Otherwise, all was good and I stayed taosty all the way there and all the way home.

  3. i love wool! smartwool socks are the best.

    if it's really cold, i'll layer some patagonia capilene (they make both polyester and wool versions). amazing stuff - amazing company!


  4. I will wear wool anything! I had on my boiled wool hat today and it repelled about 95% of the typhoon rain!

  5. Wool is the way! It saved me at -10F, last year. And the no-stink is so different from the plastics. I have to watch it when I use those. The wicking pulls the stink to the outside of the garment and that's not good.

  6. Did somebody say Wools?...Baby Fine Merino wool next to my skin is a dreamy favorite of mine and Harris Tweed as outer wear is another fav.

  7. Recommendations on wool tights, anyone?!

  8. Wool socks year round, merino wool base layers in the winter months (when highs are below 50*f) The colder it gets the more wool I wear.


  9. Ah yes wool! I must have it. Tights, sweaters, dresses, more tights, even more tights and my latest acquisition- convertible mittens!


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