Saturday, October 10, 2009

Things and Thoughts: Friday.


Had a slice at Vics on my way home. There was 5 of us, all by ourselves. I had to pull out of the bike lane, have a slice and a coke. That was an early end to Friday night.

The traffic was tremendous, Van Ness was closed and all the traffic, including huge Marin Golden Gate buses poured on polk.
There were cops and news vans. I knew something pretty bad had happened.

I got home, TV-breaking news.
A pedestrian had been killed on Van Ness.


*[LINKS update]. Friday accidents/fatality

sfgate: Car strikes, kills pedestrian on Van Ness
streetsblog SF: Bicyclist Injured in Haight Street Crash This Morning

//Be careful out there.


  1. i hadn't heard that happened :( RIP.

  2. this weekend was pretty out of control. you could sense it in the air :/


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