Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Caffeination weekend nation.

The whole weekend was a welcome to our 'cold' times of the monstrous 40°s. I love the weather right now, it only means more time for coffee. My knee is not back to full slow speed. I just realized that it has been 9 years since I had surgery. wow. I have certainly spent many of those years drinking coffee somewhere. And this weekend was no exception solo with friends and with some good caffeinated fanatics. I have taken it easy for about 2 weeks now, so a little more ice and some rest should do ;-)
Acorning the homestead.
Post-coffee stop at the Homestead. /Folsom at 19th
Barefoot coffee love, at Epicenter. /Howard at 4th
Ecco beans at Caffe Capriccio - my fave gem of the month in North Beach /Chestnut at Mason.
Let me just say their Caprese isn't bad either:
Mozarella heaven number 1.
Four Barrel
and Four barrel /Valencia at 15th


  1. Super coffee photos, I'm drinking some Verve Buena Vista now, mmmm. Stay warm yo, we had snow in Danville yesterday!

  2. Hey Meli! Hope your knee goes back to normal soon!! I have a buggered knee too (but no surgery thankfully) and cycling + swimming are the only 'activities' I am allowed to do ;) thank goodness for bikeliciousness! lol! Happy coffee!! L x

  3. Meli...love the latte art. I can almost taste it. Hey, I'm planning a ride into the city this month, is there a coffee destination you can recommend with relatively easy biking proximity to the GGB? Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley perhaps?

  4. Sorry to hear about the knee, Meli! Hope it gets better soon. I bet the streets are missing ya ;)

  5. Those coffee shots are scrumptious! I need a cup right now, in fact. Something that really bugs me about Flagstaff is the total lack of a coffee shop, even a really bad one on the west side of town! It makes no sense to me and at least would provide people on the west side someplace to pedal if they want to work their way up to biking to work or errands.

  6. cyclinteacherguy/ wow yes!! must have been super cool! :D

    lorenza/ thanks carina! little time little coffee and should be back sometime soon <3

    fridaycyclotourist/ yes thats an opotion. please say hi when u roll into the city mkay?!

    Lee/ gaaah! yes im snailing around and soon, my streets, soon. thx for ur encouragement :D

    She Rides a Bike/ thats what Im talking about, I feel your pain. I sense a french-press solution real soon... ;-) thanks for stopping by!!


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