Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Humpday inspiration: Common people

Mine would be rotten tooth from lack of espresso doses. What would be yours?!

-Thanks Will.


  1. Familial optical bedazzlement: walking into the house tonight still wearing my reflective and illuminating items, flashing red light all over, kids laughing about my flashing red fanny pack, wife claiming she's still seeing spots.

  2. Broken nose from running into a parked car while eye-balling all the nice-looking bikes on the SF streets.

  3. ahah!! My colleague Will ALWAYS kick cars that gets too close to him... he's gonna get into trouble one of these days!! I prefer more my ladylike "oi!!" ;) x

  4. im loving these!
    &wait what red fanny bag?!?!? -i expect pics soon ha hah :D


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